04 novembre 2014

Fujifilm X-30: the "cool" camera

Fujifilm X-30 at rest

Close friends who happen to know me a bit more don’t really understand the continuous flow of different models of cameras that is part of my way of life. In my view cameras are photographic tools (including in-camera devices) and I am still looking for the ideal one in terms of esthetical beauty, better camera handling and finest picture quality. All those qualities may not be reached soon in my humble opinion.

What about the Fujifilm X-30 that is the third version of the high-end compact Fujifilm X-two digits series initiated by the X-10 and X20 previous models. It is definitively a very fun camera. It works nicely. It performs decently for its image captor format. The handling is good with a bit of adaptation needed to interact with the controls and options. But the big improvement is the use of an electronic viewfinder instead of the previous imprecise optical viewfinder of the X-10 and X-20. Now the new EVF give you the complete story in term of picture rendering and the entire picture taking info’s.  In my sense a viewfinder is an essential option in traditional compact photography (including D-SLR as they suppose to be compact cameras…).

So let the pictures speak as you can review in this small essay:

Product Link: Fujifilm X-30 Link

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