09 décembre 2012

Is there a way to start a new blog?

Caution: Please dont forget that I am a French speaking guy who pretend to speak English..

Is there a way to start a new blog on love of photography? May be not but I cannot help myself to put some king of artefact of my long passion of picture looking, taking and talking.

Yes we love seeing pictures and.. doing them. I have started my photo itineration for the long way back with a given Kodak 620 Film Brownie using huge black and white 620 rolls of film processed by my corner drugstore. It was fascinating to register light, object, people in that magical way. Since those days of art infancy I have never doubt that I have the skill of being of a photographer of my surrounding and my emotion.

Since the my 1960 young years which seems to me like yesterday, I have the chance to have be the witness of a lot of extraordinary events in the world like the death of two brothers and a preacher, the Beatles, all the progressive movements, men on moon, etc, etc. Yes we are a lucky generation of all others before and then.

We have lived in a golden area of photography as an art, an expression, as a major influential part of the medium sphere.

Born in Montreal, Canada the 27th of January 1957 in a small Hospital of the name of Ste. Jeanne d'Arc, a famous French female historical figure that save France from English invaders. As my mother have recalled to me it was a very cold day and it may be the unconscious reason why I rather like to be in warm temperature... 

Remember that 1957 was only 30 years after the famous Lindberg transatlantic flight to Paris, 25 years after the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt and beginning of the new deal, 20 years after the beginning of European Nazi expansion and 15 years after the establishment of Asia occupation by Japanese troops and so and so. History was simply in a big rush back and forth for many years before and ahead 1957.

In 1957, Montreal was not really a modern city like New York, Chicago or Detroit. It was more a kind of Canadian East Coast version of Boston with his intensive arbor activity making the link between boat traffic and the railroad transportation system going one way or the other.

Montreal Old Port Exhibit: This retired and restored towboat is part of the Old Port area which is now a nice park. On the background you can see part of the big but abandon building used as grain silo fifty years ago.

 Old ex-Britain English people living in Montreal were dominating the political and economic activity of the city. But with the event of mass media like television during the fifties, the balance of power was turning on the French counterpart who were anger to take control of their destiny.

Montreal History Museum; this patrimonial building use to be a  Fire Station located in Old Montreal just in front of the first Canadian Parliament which has been destroy ironically by fire in 1838. Since the last 3 decades, many such building have been extendedly restored in Montreal.
Place Jacques-Cartier: The gathering place for many all year long Montrealer events. You can see at its summit the Nelson monument and on the right the Montreal City Hall partly under restoration using large "trompe-l'oeil" painted canvas as they do in Europe.

As a youngster I was not really conscious regarding all these questions but I was also at less a wise kid (as others used to said) and I have always want to be part of it. Part of what you may say? Part of everything that will revolutionize my world. Like a sponge I have stacked information, analyzed it the best I can and developed certitudes that will be smashed much later on but this is life...

And what about photography in that long introspect intro? May be to tell you that my conception of photography can be seen as a powerful way to revolutionize your society in every aspects. And as the painter photography is also about memories. Memories of place, people, events. A trace of light that survive a little further than the actual moment of flash.

And the rest is History with big and small h. Here is my small h illustrated by photography.