03 décembre 2017

Celebrating five years of "confidential" posting

Yes this December 2017 will represent the "landmark" of five years of mostly confidential (and certainly not very interactive posting). In todays standard that can be a bit hurting considering the fact that many people if not all are looking for the most "likes" they can reach.

During this half decade I was lucky enough that at least few friends and relatives sometimes give me encouragements or sort of. But being confidential with more than 80K views may feel strange par moment. But I manage to keep my concentration in my pursuit of this interpersonal photo blog. With no interaction it is almost impossible to evaluate the pertinence of your writing or your illustrations. So I have maintained the highest autocratical level that I can address to myself.

I must confess that the very beginning in 2012 of this blog was let say on the crude side of presentation. But with time and some experiences I learn to enhance its physical aspect. On the subjects side I have soon started to be more focus and more... comprehensible. But my english have never really progressed to my basic expectations over all those articles and I feel sorry for the fews who have read faithfully some of my textes if not all.

Some have said that this blog may be a good source of an additional incombe. Considering the 1 cent ratio applied to each individual that have decided to click to one or another adsense advertisers and the fact  that 2300 people have effectually done it my potential revenu (You need to reach at least the level of $100 to get paid) for five years has been approximately $23! So long for my future bottle of Champagne needed to celebrated this landmark...

Since a few years I was amaze by all these bloggers desperate to get more and more advertising clicks and that are literally polluting their page with commercial contents. Even the most serious ones (that I respect highly) are now recalling their audience to not forget to click advertisers that appear on their page.

Yes it is now a kind of rought time for the non-profit Internet users. The Web is becoming more and more a very commercial (legal or not) business or a very tedious political platform. The time of innocence is really a far past souvenir. Most blogs are at least self promotional which is part of a general "fakebook" tendency all over the web planet. And many of them are not really critical or even autocritical about the medium and the material surrounding it. The question is what you are loosing being a marketer instead of a critic is simply credibility. But is it still an issue in this era of self endowment?

At this day I think that my best accomplishment in this modest blog has been summarized into my small series on contemporary perceptions of photography. I have found that I am a bit of a photographic philosopher (modestly).

A new year (2018) will start within the next few weeks and it will be a kind of turning point for me regarding this blog adventure. Nobody including myself know the future but all options are possible. For the moment it is a time of reflexion before next action.

I hope all these posts during the last five years have entertained you or least some of you and have participated to your passion of this wonderful medium, photography.

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