17 décembre 2016

New 2017 Year with Daniel M

 New Year Resolutions ... ! 

A fresh new year is coming and is almost already here, 2017. So it is time to forecast some blog projects for the months to come. But the big news is that I will be "free agent" starting next April 2017. That life project has been planned since two years and at last it will be concretized in 2017. At this point of my modest evolution it may be the best thing that happens to me.

Now for more photo equipment oriented subjects, since I have just received the new "Pro" Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, a very personal review of the camera will be issued later this spring of of 2017. An article on the lenses with fixed focal lenght is also on the way. Another subject that will be title "On Assignation" will be a kind of personal view as an in-house photographer regarding the preparation and the production of a specific photo project.

On the photo artistic side many subjects will be part of my attention. Since we are confronting the constant rapid changes of our surrounding, I want to explore the artefacts of the recent human remains of our society. Are we really documented of our recent evolution or just have burned it. Sub-Urban Abstractions is another challenge to picture especially if you can extract it from the concrete reality of the object or the subject

Photography has never take such an important place in our everyday life and its constant presence is a strong témoignage of its current vitality. Yes the new photo taking-diffusing media are part of our personal surrounding and play a vital role of our life. It stay a modern form of expression in many ways including as an art by itself. Lets hope only that we are not only "consuming" photography but also take time to "contemplate" its various expressions.

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