02 janvier 2016

New Year 2016 Coffee Break with Fujifilm X-T10

A new year has already begun for every photo enthusiast of this world with new image perspectives, expectations and experimentations.

Inspiration is one of the biggest motivation of doing photography. But be part of the global photosphere may becoming our main objective if you assimilate the final purpose of sharing your photo expressions with your relatives, your social interest groups, etc.

And moreover it is the share of our human experience that is may be the most exciting part of the photographic trends of this world. Yes photography has a profound trendy appeal since its very beginning and we are part of it.

This morning sitting with my new toy (Fujifilm X-T10) and taking my coffee with our beloved friendly cat, I was reflective on the fact that we are lucky to have access to all these possibilities.

Let me trigger that promising 2016 New Year for all of us.

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